Logo Contest

$500 Prize!

Calling all artists, designers, or creatives in the area: be a part of history and create our new logo!

The Willow Tree Festival Board of Directors is excited to announce an open call for local artists of all ages to submit a digital design of a logo representing our festival. The winning artist will be awarded $500 and will be recognized on our website and at the festival.

Be a part of regional history!

For nearly 40 years, the Willow Tree Festival has used a very similar design for our logo. In the first years of the festival there were contests to name the festival and then for artists to come up with the logo. This was before we had digital tools and phones that could easily take a photo of a drawing and turn it into something easily replicable for advertising and buttons, so the original artist submitted a hand-drawn sketch of the famous Willow Tree for which our festival is named. Thirty-nine years later, we are still using the same logo and the board of directors has decided it is time to create a a dynamic new look and feel for our festival’s marketing image.

Your design will be featured on the buttons of festival attendees for years to come!

The Willow Tree Festival Board is accepting logo designs until May 1st. If chosen, you will see your artwork on the internet, posters, T-shirts, buttons, fliers, and in print advertisements–likely for many years to come! Designs should acknowledge that our festival was named for the history of our town’s founding and the now-famous willow tree (see below). The logo should reflect the essence of our festival: food, music, entertainment, arts/crafts, shopping, culture, and most of all fun!

When thinking about your submission, keep in mind it will go on round 2 1/4 inch buttons that must include the text “Willow Tree Festival” and the date (or possibly just year). Sometimes we include what anniversary it is such as “38th Annual” or “38th” or the Roman Numeral XXXVIII. We are open! Every year we change the color of the button, either the background or the tree or both, but we keep the basic shape of the current leafless willow tree.

The Willow Tree

Our festival is named for a real Willow Tree that still exists on the banks of Antelope Creek near the Sheridan County Fair Grounds in Gordon. This “Lone Willow” was for many years a meeting place for all of the early residents of the area including Native Americans, fur traders, cowboys, and settlers. It is in this spirit of “A Place to Meet” that we named the Willow Tree Festival held in Winship Park on the banks of Antelope Creek in Gordon. 

This historical old tree has been dead for many years, so our logo is a leafless silhouette of what was likely a beautiful grand willow in her prime.

INSPIRATION: We are looking for something new and fresh. It can be modern, highly graphic, or it can just be a more “alive” willow tree. Perhaps you can include a covered wagon, or horse or people. Look at other festival buttons for inspiration! But be sure you have created an original piece and are not infringing on other copyrights.


Anyone may enter – limit of two entries per person


The winning logo will be used for our entrance buttons, online, in print, and on merchandise.  Flexibility is a key requirement, including the ability to resize easily, and to look good in black and white as well as color. It should be able to handle color changes and date changes.

Submission Process:

  1. All designs should be submitted in digital format (.jpg, .gif, etc.) via email to Shannon Smith at smithstorian@gmail.com.
  2. Logo must also contain the phrase “Willow Tree Festival” and “2023” – if possible, include “39th Annual” or “39th”.
  3. Include your name, address, email address, and phone number. If you are under 18, include your parent, guardian, or teacher’s name, and what grade you are in.
  4. All entries must be received by 5pm Mountain Time on May 1, 2023.
  5. Winner will be notified following the May 4 Willow Tree Board meeting..

Despite what may seem like lots of submission guidelines and all the legal mumbo-jumbo below, we highly encourage you to submit your work!!!  If we like it, we will gladly work with you to present the very best version possible to the public. If you have any questions contact Shannon Smith at smithstorian@gmail.com.

Representations and Warranties
By participating in the Contest, the Entrant warrants and represents in connection with the Entry submitted as part of his/her participation in the Contest: (a) he/she is the sole and exclusive owner of (and free of any adverse claim by any person, firm, or corporation) all intellectual property rights in and to the Entry; (b) the Entry is original and the use of the Entry as described in these Official Rules will not infringe the proprietary rights, including without limitation the intellectual property rights, of any third party; (c) the use of the Entry, as described in these Official Rules, will be in compliance with any third-party licenses pertaining to the Entry; (d) the Entry is not obscene or libelous, and does not violate any rights of any third party, including but not limited to rights of privacy or publicity; (e) the Entry does not contain any virus, spyware, malware, trap door, worm, or any other device, mechanism or code that is injurious or damaging to software or hardware used in conjunction with the Entry; (f) the Entry and its use as described in these Official Rules will not violate any federal, provincial, state or local laws or ordinances; (g) no employer or educational or other establishment has any rights in the Entry; (h) the Entry is consistent with these Official Rules; and (i) the artist has the right to grant the license to the Willow Tree Festival as required in these Official Rules. 

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