Community Stage


10:00-10:45  Rebekah Pobanz, Piano, Guitar and Vocal
10:55-11:40David Seay, Storyteller, Train Songs and Tales  
11:50-12:35Barbara Lepke Simms, Harpist
12:45- 1:30Halftime with Billie J, Comedy
1:40- 2:25David Seay, Nebraska Territory Stories
2:35- 3:15Barbara Lepke Simms, Harpist
3:25- 4:05Halftime with Billie J, Comedy
4:15- 5:00Rebekah Pobanz, Piano, Guitar and Vocal


9:00- 9:50Church Service
10:00-10:40Barbara Lepke Simms, Harpist
10:50-11:30Halftime with Billie J, Comedy
11:40- 12:20David Seay, Nebraska Territory Stories
12:30- 1:10Rebekah Pobanz, Piano, Guitar and Vocal
1:15-1:55David Seay, Train Songs and Tales
2:00-2:35Barbara Lepke Simms, Harpist
2:40- 3:20Halftime with Billie J, Comedy
3:25-4:00Rebekah Pobanz, Piano, Guitar and Vocal
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